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Delighted customers clearly vouch for the exemplary customer service extended by Yantra Innovations.The Online Service Portal registers the service complaints, analyzes and resolves them on the spot maintaining individual records. Introduction of such a portal in the diamond industry is a pioneering work by Yantra Innovations.


As a part of its responsibility ‘Yantra Innovations’ provides installation service of the machines to their clients. The on-site installation takes place under the observation of qualified engineers. Along with the free operational assistance, training for the client's operator is imparted at zero additional cost. Based on customer's requirements ‘Yantra Innovations’ undertakes special projects right from inception to completion.


‘Yantra Innovations’ provides technical services for key procedures of manufacturing. It emphasises on comprehensive analysis of designing to finished product testing. Facilitating improvised processes and performance is the ultimate goal which helps clients to recognize, understand and rectify the causes of deviation in the processes.


The coordination and training provided by Yantra Innovations helps clients to improve the overall performance. It assists from purchase to product delivery. Yantra Innovations’ expert team provides Demo Training to the client's team. We focus on pointing out the root causes of manufacturing problems to eradicate them.


To reinforce the growth of your business, Yantra Innovations focuses on open-end solutions. Yantra Innovations has an integrated system with IT and Project Management as its core competencies. We’ve specialized testing methods which are being delivered on a precise schedule.