Frequently Asked Questions

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Yantra Innovations is an India based company. For more than 23 years, ‘Yantra Innovations’ has innovated for the future of the diamond industry. Today, the company is best known for its work in the bruting sector of the diamond industry.

Yantra Innovations offers a variety of benefits and programs designed to support the way you live and work. You can learn more about our benefits on Our Company page.

Yes, OPTIMUS supports Sarine File Integration and processes diamond as per the plan details of Sarine’s advisor file.

Of course yes. You can not only brute girdle but blocking is also accessible for fancy shaped diamonds.

Yes, there are two cameras for top and side view to see the diamond at different angles.

No, OPTIMUS is very user friendly and can be easily operated.

No, OPTIMUS is a completely automatic machine and requires no human intervention at any stage for axial movement. It assures maximum safety of diamonds through auto pressure adjustments with AI based technology.

Yes, OPTIMUS automatically records video of all diamonds processed for future references.